Sunday, August 10, 2014

Portland: Visiting the Possibility of more Pro Sports.

In my previous blog (about Sacramento) I talked about another NBA city without other, arguably rightful, want/need of another big league team.  Like the NHL, MLB and NFL from Portland.

Aside from the Trail Blazers, they have the Timbers of MLS clout for their representation in the Big 5.  So, like many other cities, they are 40 percenters.  That is to say they have 2 big league teams out of the 5 leagues (2/5).  Cincinnati, Indy, Nashville and Baltimore are others to name a few more.  But how many Portlanders would trade the NBA or MLS to have one of their teams in the Big Two (MLB/NFL)?

Which one would Oregon want more these days, the NFL?  I've argued stealing either one of the Oakland teams up the coast would be the quickest way.  But with Los Angeles being the obvious choice for the NFL, without my alternative idea of a West Coast moniker and some camp sharing of a new team, I think the best bet for the big thing coming is the NHL to the northwest.  Seattle already has baseball and might be more of a beacon across the way from Canuck territory.  So, the MLB being there and/or Charlotte next is probably the brightest possibility.  Economically and expansion-wise, the times aren't upon us quite yet.  Or are they, Portland?

I would like to see the Portland A's or West Coast Athletics myself.  And let the California Angels share northern California with the saturated SoCal.,_Oregon

Portland the NHL's Bridesmaid. Maybe the Bride. Expansion/Relocation
Major League Baseball in Portland and Charlotte
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