Thursday, March 13, 2014

A Tale of Two Cities. Regional Expansion/Relocation of Sports Teams

Portland and Los Angeles don't have an NFL team.
Oakland stands to lose their Raiders.

Charlotte doesn't have MLB quite yet.  It can't just now.
Tampa stands to lose their team.

For West Coast Raiders football, what if 4 home camp games were played in Portland and 4 in Los Angeles?  LA could use USC's stadium or the Rose Bowl instead of building something new right now.  The other games could be held up north, 100 miles south of Portland at the Duck's stadium.  Nothing built quite yet.  This could be now.

A baseball team called the Coastal Run Rays of Tampa and Carolina Charlotte could bring in more big market baseball to more of the country.  This could be done soon.  A season could be shared in Atlanta's vacating Turner Field while something with more seating is put up in Charlotte.

Charlotte makes me wonder if a house of NASCAR and their infield could be shared with baseball.   Walls and lights on the inside track of NASCAR?  How weird (or groovy) could that be?  As an engineering feat, how could that be accomplished?  Architecturally, how pretty would the model look?

What about shared baseball for Indianapolis and Louisville called the Heartland or Crossroads Racers of Indy car and thoroughbred ilk?

NBA in Missouri for KC and St. Louis?  What about Pittsburgh - Cinci or Louisville somewhere in there?
Las Vegas Salt Lake City partnership for the Western Jazz?  Or LV/SLC MLB or NFL... .

Milwaukee Cleveland camp for a Great Lakes NHL Franchise.

Indianapolis/Columbus or Louisville
St. Louie and the L'ville?
Albuquerque - San Antonio or OKC Southwest team.  Austin.  I could see an NFL team camped in one stadium (off I-35) between Austin-San Antonio and another in Albuquerque for the Southwest Stampede.
Nashville - Charlotte, or a camp in New Orleans.
Florida camps for Jacksonville/Miami or Tampa/Orlando or some sort.
Gulf Coast Panthers of Florida .... and Houston and New Orleans.

And on and on. 

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