Tuesday, March 4, 2014


How many New Orleans Saints fans are there in Mississippi, Alabama and Arkansas?

How many would be Saints fans if they marched in a new team name?
Like... let's say they're now called the Southern Saints.

They could play 2014 football in New Orleans (for 3 games regular season games), Tuscaloosa (for 2 games), and Jacksonville (for 3).  One in Mississippi from time to time till they're more comfy.  All of the stadiums are out there.  Season tickets could take on a whole new meaning as far as parcel sales.

Jacksonville could move to Los Angeles.  Wouldn't the West Coast Mustangs or Emperors do well there?
No expansion or big relocation necessary.  The market could sell more gameday in Portland.

The Atlanta Braves could become the Southern Braves.
Or Tampa could be a main hub for the Southern Rays and co-locate some ball in Charlotte, Nashville and New Orleans.  And/or Louisville, Little Rock, Birmingham and Memphis.  And on and on.
I would like that Western team of Athletics ilk in MLB to have it's mainstay in Portland and/or Oakland.  Could that experience be shared with OKC?

Southern Saints                  of New Orleans (5 games), Alabama (2) and Louisville (1)
West Coast Emperors       of  Los Angeles (5) and Portland (3)


Southern Belles     of Tuscaloosa camp (three games), some Mississippi camp (one), Jacksonville (three) and Louisville (one)

Southern Rays                        of Tampa, Nashville and Charlotte area.  Maybe some Louisville and New Orleans.
West Coast Athletics              of Oakland, Sacramento and Portland.  Maybe some Vegas

Let's cover more turf and keep the high caliber of play in tact in the nearer future, I say.  I know that multi-venue has feasibility issues.   And I hope to learn more of the issues in the future.
Feasibility shall tell.
Even if facts are discouraging, how could it be made to work?  Gun to your head:  how can it work?  I think this should be a contingency for any franchise market.  Tailgates are Americana.   It can be made to work.  I'm saying that on spirit.  For football's weekly venue, I think such plans could be the most "shovel ready".

As blog-mentioned sometime before, West Coast could take on the name of "Western" and touch markets like San Antonio, Austin, Albuquerque, Salt Lake City, Las Vegas and/or OKC.

I've apologized before and I'll apologize again.  Sorry to the fans of Oakland (Sacramento), St. Louis, Jacksonville and Tampa or Miami.  My regional models hope to present a feasible alternative and to make more people happy and coin outlanders with a home team with the big city.  Ya' know, St. Louis, I'm imagining a shared NBA franchise for you.

What say ye the people?

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