Wednesday, March 26, 2014

"New" Teams for the Big Four Tomorrow

My "New" (or rebranded) teams for the Big Four tomorrow.

Mentioned already throughout the blog posts:

West Coast A's
West Coast Raiders
Southern Rays
Southern Predators 
Los Angeles Rams
Norde Force
Western Jazz

West Coast Athletics (in Portland, Oakland, ....maybe Las Vegas)
 Southern Rays              (of Atlanta (old Turner Field),  Tampa, and Charlotte (....and Nashville,...maybe New Orleans))

West Coast Raiders ( in aforementioned MLB west coast cities and LOS ANGELES !!!!)
or the Los Angeles Rams from St. Louis or .......West Coast Rams
Norde Force        of Canada, bye bye Jacksonville Jaguars.

What about the Raiders just moving back to L.A. and San Fran re-branding as The Bay 49ers?

Western Jazz     (of SLC and Las Vegas.  Throw in Seattle).  Get a name change and call NOLA the "Jazz".

Southern Predators of Nashville and Atlanta

Hmmmmm.  Phoenix.  Arizona Coyotes???  Why not "Western" and do some work in Seattle.  Vegas ?

I would like TB to become the Florida Lightning and the Panthers move to Cleveland/Milwaukee for a Great Lakes named team.

<Sigh>  Anyway, one can dream.

Pro Sports Dictator Director Pablo Stone gave American outlanders professional sports teams, mostly in name, by enacting his regional sports camp team model to take effect by 2015.

In the MLB, league was directed to rebrand 4 franchises to cover the map

Southern Rays
He is directing MLB to rebrand the Tampa Bay Rays into the Southern Rays.  By 2015, they be playing in Atlanta (at Turner Field) and Tampa while bigger facilities are being built in New Orleans, Nashville and Charlotte.  For future expansion, Stone acknowledges future possibility in any camp cities breaking off into their own franchise.  In the meantime, in those three building cities a few home "camp" games will be played their.  Additionally, a camp stint will be played in Birmingham and one in Mississippi with future consideration for camp stints cities like Jacksonville and Memphis.
West Coast Athletics
Home games are in Oakland, Las Vegas and Portland.  Ball parks in LV and Oregon are under construction and will be ready in 2016.  The sports dictator said that his staff is open to the possibility of a rebrand or expansion for a western designation to bring in cities like Salt Lake and Albuquerque.
Eastland Pirates expand their play to Columbus and Indianapolis.  Most games will occur in Pittsburgh till proper home camps are facilitated in the other cities.  Hearings are underway to figure on Louisville being a Southern or Eastland brand as a camp site.
Heartland Royals are caravaning their brand through the Dakatos in an effort to have fans swap in their Twins caps for royal blue.  While most games are still taking place in Kansas City, others will be in OKC, Witchita and Omaha.

NFL has the West Coast Rams, Los Angeles Raiders, Norde Force and the Southern Saints

The West Coast Rams will play in Portland, Las Vegas and Sacramento.  They'll maintain some play in Oakland till 2017
The LA Raiders.  Enough said.
The Southern Saints:  New Orleans is sharing ball with Tuscaloosa, Alabama.  Alabama's business community is coming together under urgings by the director to build a new sports complex and NFL caliber football stadium in Reform, Alabama, a location that would draw in more Mississippi fans and create economic growth in west central Alabama for the roadways and community for the weekly mecca of football.  One camp home game is set to be played in Louisville and Jacksonville for the 2015 season.
That leaves 3 each for Louisiana and Tuscaloosa next year.
The Norde Force come into existence with folding/rebrand of the Jaguars leaving Jacksonville.  Even though facilities aren't exactly up to NFL snuff throughout Canada, that's where they'll play:  Throughout Canada.  Television viewership will offset seating.  In 2015, a few more than not will be played in Toronto.  Others cities will be Ottawa, Quebec, Montreal, Vancouver, and Calgary.  For 2016 and beyond, the CFL stadium will house camp games for the Force.
Shake up for a few NBA franchises and new turf

The NBA is now in Pittsburgh, Cincinnati and St. Louis.

Bring back Seattle and add Vegas in there.

The River Run Kings have come into play.  While Sacramento isn't losing a place in the league, their nickname along with that of Memphis were swapped.  It's now the West Coast Grizzlies.

River Run Kings of St. Louis, Louisville, Memphis, Cincinnati and Pittsburgh have 5 campground markets.  KC will be given consideration in the future.

West Coast or Western Grizzlies play in Sacramento, Seattle, Las Vegas and SLC.
New Orleans is the Jazz again.

NHL:  Toronto and Quebec City Expand and more NHL cities are here
The Great Lake Armada form in Milwaukee and Cleveland as the Florida Panthers fold and Tampa is rebranded the Florida Lightning.

Arizona (PHX) Coyotes become the Western Coyotes and play in the Bay area, Portland, Seattle and of course Phoenix.  A facility camp in Las Vegas is being considered to be built.

In what seems to be a blantantly selfish hometown move, the dictator redesignated the Columbus Blue Jackets as the Northside Blue Jackets of Columbus, Indianapolis and Cincinnati.  Well, at least the dictator didn't expand for a singular Cincinnati team before he thought his hometown market was ready.
For a moment, he was on record as considering all Great Lakes area cities as camps for a redesignated Blue Jackets team.

The dictator seems to be leaving MLS alone and is pleased with their growth as a league.

See more expansion and relocation talk for football, baseball, basketball, hockey and soccer on my blog (starting in Feb 2014, see table of contents/archive):  Major League/Pro Expansion <CLICK> 
And please feel free to contribute your two cents with mine.

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