Sunday, March 2, 2014

International Expansion Creep

Teams leaving Canada.
It happened recently to the NBA and MLB for Vancouver and Montreal respectively.

Toronto is good in 4 of the Big 5.  Canadians and the NFL are well aware of the CFL.

I think the Nord Force would do well camping in the provincial stretches across Canada with existing infrastructure.  I wish the Jaguars would change uniforms up there along with the Rams moving back to Los Angeles.

I see Monterrey (the Sur Toros) doing baseball and/or football in the not-too-distant future.

Is it going to be the NFL or NBA that crosses the ponds first?

That NFL once-a-week thing gets one thinking, doesn't it?

And people think London, Tokyo and Mexico City, right?
Will there be a balance package for such a kickoff?  Berlin @ London, Sydney @ Tokyo, and Monterrey v. Mexico City

The Far East and the Way West Conference: how many years is that?  Next century?

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