Sunday, March 9, 2014

MiLB Article about long-standing minor-major league club relationships

Article: List of clubs with lengthy big league relationships

A geographic tidbit for High Minors via wikipedia:
Triple-A (or Class AAA)
"Triple-A teams are typically located in the largest metropolitan areas that do not have Major League Baseball (MLB) teams, such as Austin, Texas; Charlotte, North Carolina; Columbus, Ohio; El Paso, Texas; Las Vegas, Nevada; Louisville, Kentucky; and Norfolk, Virginia."

...and Portland, Nashville, Memphis, New Orleans, OKC, Omaha, Albuquerque, SLC, and Indianapolis.

For AA, spots are held in a few Alabama cities and still near "Braves turf" around the capital of Mississippi as well as Jacksonville.  I have to think that Alabama is more ready for the NFL for a weekend draw as compared to a daily MLB event, with places like Mobile, Montgomery, Huntsville and Birmingham.
And Little Rock area and San Antonio of the Texas League.

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