Saturday, May 2, 2015

American Sports make for Montreal & Vancouver a part-time town. NFL, NBA and MLB in Montreal.

NFL, NBA and MLB in Montreal.  American Sports make for Montreal & Vancouver a part-time town.  And so my argument goes...

Soccer and Hockey Represent!  And there used to be big league baseball for North America's largest MLB-absent city.  Well, Toronto is almost in all of the action.

Basketball for the likes of Montreal.  Like the NBA?  Too Vancouvery, you say?  Big Country?
Is the French city not enough of an American sports palette?  So, NBA there?

Yeah, but could the Grizzlies of north country have been sustained by playing in Vancouver AND Montreal?

I think that twin pairing of a Canadian east side and west side wrap could work.  It would work out especially swimmingly for any leagues division alignment.  Average it, it's a central division.  East, west- take your pick.

It's my travel-tag-team idea, much like the Kansas City-Omaha Kings of the NBA.  Yes, before they became Sacramento.

I have mentioned the Norde Force NFL team being hosted at CFL stadiums throughout Canada.  The name is a take on the French "North" and the Canadian Mounted Police, but with a much less politically nationalistically charged name.  I thought the same for a Mexico City-Monterrey brand; the Sur Toros.  Tickets are one thing but television is where the bulk of football nations would be tuned.  So I'm not thinking that all of the CFL stadiums should be revamped, or the Rogers Centre be the only host in country.

I like the Norde Force name.  I think it could work as a Vancouver, Montreal and Canadian franchise name in any of the leagues.

Baseball?  No time soon for anybody.

But anyway, check out some of my links below that throw around some combination town ideas for a power-brand franchise in big league sports.


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