Sunday, May 10, 2015

San Diego Monterrey Madres Day

I have previously bloggeled' about combining cities for a power baseball brand.  An example is the Tampa Rays relocating or co-locating and/or combining with the likes of Charlotte, Nashville, New Orleans and Mexico for a Southern, Southland or Gulf or Coastal Run brand in the form of a regional home-camp travel (tag) team.  One such team thought is the Tampa Bay-Monterrey Rays.  And the Las Vegas with Portland West Coast A's or Vegas with the Montreal-Las Vegas International Expos.

What about the Padres?  The love could extend from Tijuana to Monterrey.  And it's not as far away as it is from Mexico City, some 1700 miles.

And instead of my past thoughts on a WMLB being a counterpart pre-game exhibition of sorts before the guy's games, do a switcharoo of precedence on Dia day' Mommy.

Or make it a Nun?

Check out your town and some samples in the INDEX
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