Sunday, May 10, 2015

A Powerbrand Major League Expansion

If you heard that they're are powerbrands in sports you would probably guess the Yankees and Cowboys.  It irks the hell out of me, though it is a reality with so many snowbirds and retirees living in Florida, that so many Yankees live in Tampa.  There is a minor league team called the Tampa Yankees!  And when the fans create no illusion of filling the seats it makes you wonder if a team is deserved.

Absence makes the heart grow fonder and I have a solution for the Rays organization seating-wise.  And it would only help television ratings as well.
                                                                           And for the Athletics.
                                                                           And maybe the Raiders.
                                                                           And Coyotes.
                                                                           And Clippers.                   Oh my!

Expand your team-name Nation by co-location and rebranding.  If the Los Angeles Clippers became the West Coast Clippers, they're would surely be more fans.  Play some of the schedule in Seattle, it's a sure deal.  And can you see what I mean for the West Coast Coyotes?  Did you think about Portland and Las Vegas also?  West Coast Raiders in the same places?
If the Rays played some in Monterrey Mexico across the Gulf as the Tampa Bay-Monterrey Rays, do you think that would increase the base?  Me too.

And Las Vegas.  Las Vegas could participate in a brand in every league while the likes of Los Angeles will get another football club in name instead of MLS West Coast in more territory.

I wrapped more territory for a big nation and powerbrand.

And I didn't necessarily expand the number of teams.  I just placed play in more cities and expanded the proper name.

Baseball, basketball and hockey have more games so spreading out the schedule to home (camp) cities would work.  And a weekly scheduled event such as American hand football and World soccer football can fill the stands across the country whether it be a football stadium in Little Rock, Arkansas or soccer field in that same stadium or any number of big football stadiums nationwide.

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