Tuesday, May 26, 2015

NFL Business in San Diego & Los Angeles. And the world

A hundred miles apart with a thick population in between, SD and LA governments are playing into the business of the NFL, a humongous non-profit ( a church, if you will).

Check out some of my blogged ideas in below links.

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                               see some samples below

2014 ProSportsExpansion Blog Review for the Year

 Portland: Visiting the Possibility of more Pro Sports

West Coast team name in each of the Big Five Sports 

Monterrey Rays. Or Sur Toros? MLB in Mexico 

Arizona Major League Soccer Franchise should be placed in Tucson
Cities with the Big 5 ...and the Next Ones 

Oklahoma Oilers in the NFL 

Chicagoland's Second Team. And America's Team. The "Midway" Expansion Team in America's Heartland 

Another Canadian MLB Franchise? Vancouver Athletics and Raiders? And the Norde Force Canadian NFL Team



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