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West Coast Angels Play in Anaheim and Portland. And/or Major League Baseball Las Vegas

I like the idea of taking a seat struggling franchise such as the Oakland Athletics or Tampa Bay Rays and relocating them PARTIALLY, which is essentially co-locating them, and bringing more baseball to more American pastime places such as Portland, Las Vegas, Nashville and Charlotte.  Aside from inflation concerns in number of teams or sustainability of the business of baseball in markets, people in such MLB absent cities want a team and hopefully the time comes in their lifetime.

But what if the above stated realities stay bleak?  Then I propose a share like Portland-Las Vegas and Nashville-Charlotte teaming up for a regional brand.  My first choices stated on this blog are for a West Coast Athletics and Southland Rays of some sort, even including the likes of Oakland/Sacramento, New Orleans and Monterrey, Mexico.  If the Florida Marlins come back into existence and share time with St. Pete Tampa, then surely the attendance at their home games would be better than embarrassing, instead of getting outnumbered by a Gloria Estefan concert.  And the Rays can stretch their history somewhere else.

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Either way, with a broader name like the old California Angels and Marlins and the lone star state's Texas Rangers, or regional name claims like the Golden State Warriors and New England Patriots, co-location options for the home team increase.  And there are many options to wonder about.  Like the Angels also playing in Sacramento, the Rangers in Austin, or Marlins in Orlando.

I try to make my case.  Though in recent history, television market is a bigger money maker than money for seats at the ballpark I know the brand expansion is a way to make more people invested.
Wrap a bigger claim

A thought:  L.A. already has a team.  Expand the Angels brand into the West Coast Angels

If I can't have the A's this way, let it be a California Angels also playing upstate or in a place like Las Vegas or Portland.

Take New York's brand and consider some share-time with Buffalo.  They have a renovation-ready stadium beckoning.  Or imagine:  A power expansion team like the resurrection and renovation co-location of the East Coast Expos in Montreal and Charlotte.

See the existing gaps?  

Counter the realities by co-location with a dose of the idea that absence makes the heart grow fonder.

What combination of cities or brands could you drum up in the big league sports?

Repping' all of the south?  Unfair.
Enticing idea?

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