Saturday, May 30, 2015

Names for a Seattle-Portland Northwest Brand. Or West Coast with Las Vegas etc


Pacifica Norseman
Northwest Knights
Northwest/Northern Lights
West Coast Wolf Pack (in Vegas and Phoenix...instead of Coyotes)

Much of my blog is themed with the flavor of more than one place for a "home" team.  And if not in a few places, at least for more places in name.  Not just like Texas Rangers, Florida Marlins, California Angels or Tennessee Titans.  But more like New England Patriots and Golden State Warriors.  Could the Warriors camp during the regular season in San Diego and the Angels in Sacramento?  What do you think?

Would West Coast play in Honolulu and Anchorage also?  I wish the West Coast Athletics or Clippers would.

Some blog talks below:

"Northern Lights" NHL Team a New Expansion Team for Seattle and Portland. Try that on for Size

Seattle with the NBA Team Again. And a New NHL Team
West Coast Whales NHL Team in Seattle, Portland and Las Vegas
 Seattle Clippers?
"Northern Lights" NHL Team a New Expansion Team for Seattle and Portland. Try that on for Size
Grey Coast Ghosts. NHL Expansion Team that Includes Portland and Seattle. West Coast Brand

A Fast Pitch for Expansion in the Big Five Sports Leagues. Westward Hockey and Soccer
Major League Baseball in Portland and Charlotte

Sin City Flights. An innovative expansion or co-location/relocation for NBA or NHL

Teams that already exist to do some of these combinations with?
West Coast A's, Coyotes, Raiders, West Coast Club (instead of LAFC (old Chivas)), Clippers

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