Wednesday, June 18, 2014

What sport could be played on Charlotte's infield? Soccer and NASCAR ???

The Charlotte Motor Speedway.  Big infield.

What if a similar venue were built in the south with a football stadium in the middle of it?

What are the dimensions?  I wish I had an architect and baseball or stadium lover in my rolodex.

Could such a venue be built in Atlanta with soccer facilities for MLS and the community?  Is multi-venue the future?  Could that help anchor soccer in the south?  The Southern Boozrunners.  The Leggers.  Bootleggers.

What if you could back your trailer into a box seating area to finish off your tailgating experience for the weekend?  The empty stadium would look like catacombs.  Concerts, soccer, football, baseball, etc.  Multivenue facilities not done yet.  Retractable dome.  Basketball, Hockey.    All-season use.

How could it be done so as to uninhibit the binocular view of the spectator's entire track?  Retractable seating?  In a world where land-use will be increasingly recognized as precious, as always, necessity will be the mother of invention.  I say, why not brainstorm more contingency.
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And looky what took me so long to find by browsing something else:  article - Football on Bristol Speedway's infield

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