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The Great Recession and Expansion. Combining Pro Sports Markets.

Denver now.  Tampa mentioned even more than a handful of years ago (

Yes, the article is 2006.  And times move fast, right?  That's shortly before the house was found out to be a house of cards and mcmansions.  The economy is smelly and gas prices are ammonia.
So, isn't the article more credible now? 
My regional tag team/home camp argument for the next relocation/expansion of sport franchise is in place if the economy isn't bolstered while talent grows.
Stir this in your thoughts:
Some markets have two teams in the same area.  That would be NYC, Los Angeles and Chicago.  The fourth largest markets (whether ranked by tv market, money market or population-wise) aren't poised because of the economy.  That is unless they were used as camps.
So, another hockey and basketball team could be set in the northeast housed in Philadelphia and Boston with more camps in the region.

An NHL team in Milwaukee and Cleveland called Great Lakes.
An NHL team in Seattle and Portland sounding Northwest.
A Southern team, housed in Atlanta.... with maybe Nashville or Miami.  I like the Florida Lightning better than the Panthers.
With the New England team, that's the next 4 team expansion.  Or maybe even skip out on NE or the South and throw in that Toronto2 team, named Ontario or otherwise.

I've hummed some of this throughout my blog.
As pro sports dictator, I'd do this now, ranging in more outlander fans. ...maybe without strong regard to team names just yet:


In the MLB, we'd have:
The West Coast Athletics of Portland, yes...Oakland and Las Vegas.  Problem solved.
The Eastland Rays of Charlotte and Nashville.
The Florida Marlins of Miami and Tampa Bay.
The Gulf Coast Astros of Houston, New Orleans and eventually maybe Tampa, with Pensacola in mind for a NASA'esque theme.  NO EXPANSION NECESSARY of franchise.  Territory, yes.  TV market infringement, somewhat of a reality.

Honorable mention in my thoughts was the Southern Sounds of New Orleans and Nashville.  I wouldn't even mind much to expand the Eastland Pirates territory to stretch out through Columbus and Indianapolis across I-70.

In the NFL:
The Southern Saints.  And playing in Jacksonville and/or Alabama.
West Coast Raiders expand to Portland and Las Vegas
The Los Angeles Rams
The Norde Force in Toronto and throughout Canada, formerly equipped in Jacksonville.  NO EXPANSION NECESSARY

In the NBA:
River City Renegades of Cincinnati-Pittsburgh.... (Milwaukee Bucks)?
Western Grizzlies of Salt Lake City, Vegas and Memphis
Jazz .... of New Orleans and Seattle
Seattle and St. Louis/Kansas City Supersonics
Nashville/Atlanta Hawks
.....So, maybe an expansion in there, maybe not.

Great Lakes Armada of Milwaukee/Cleveland and Chicago (if needed)
Northwest Fleet of Portland/Seattle (Used to be the Panthers)
Western Coyotes of Phx/Vegas
Ontario Maplesyrupthieves of Toronto or some such.  Maybe the Eastern Duckfleet of Toronto2 and Quebec City.  Somethin'.
Southern Predators share camp in Atlanta.
2 team expansion.

See more expansion and relocation talk for football, baseball, basketball, hockey and soccer on my blog (starting in Feb 2014, see table of contents/archive):  Major League/Pro Expansion <CLICK> 
And please feel free to contribute your two cents with mine.

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