Friday, August 7, 2015

How many "Home" Games could be played in a Regional Model for Sports Teams? Branding or Camping them

I believe the Oakland Athletics could become the West Coast Athletics co-located in Las Vegas.  For a team to play in two places, what would be the breakdown of how many home games are where?

The Footballs:
Let's say that the NFL has 20 games total (incl. preseason).
34 for Major League Soccer, so split up it's 17 home games

You have about 40 home games for hockey and basketball, and 80 for MLB

            Camping them
MLB     80
NBA      40
NHL      40

Let's say the Oakland A's play 40 home games in Las Vegas and 40 in Oakland, Sacramento or Portland.
The West Coast Clippers play 20 games in Seattle.
The West Coast Coyotes play 20 games in Portland.

            Branding them
MLS   17 
NFL    8          (10 incl. preseason shows)

By camping (sharing) a few locations for the team name there is more of a regional love in place.

By branding bigger and wider, there is a regional love in name.

This means something like the West Coast Raiders playing either in Oakland, Portland and Las Vegas, with maybe preseason games in all of the aforementioned locations.
West Coast FC doing Las Vegas and Los Angeles.   

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