Wednesday, April 9, 2014

MLB in 8 New States. Tales of Two Cities. The Next Expansion.

Places that are thought to not be able to sustainably hold an MLB team now....but maybe could share.

Indianapolis           40 home games each location

Charlotte              40 home games each

Nashville               50, 30 ???
New Orleans

Portland               50, 30 ???
Las Vegas or Oakland (maybe Sacramento)  

All but the city of Tampa build 35-40 thousand seat stadiums.

People can care MORE in Oregon, the Carolinas (2), Nevada, Tennessee, Kentucky, Indiana and Lousiana.

Personally, if I were league dictator and choosing to name these teams, I would do as such (from top-listed to bottom):

The Crossroads Racers expansion club.

Coastal Rays as the old Devil Rays co-locate.

Southern Sound Dawgs expansion team.

West Coast Athletics either co-locate or re-locate.

 ....or what about Heartland Racers?

Link: Baseball Teams popularity in regions

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