Sunday, March 6, 2016

Does More MLB in Texas Make Sense in Next Expansion?

After all, there is Oklahoma City.
And there's Charlotte.
Would there be a central alignment called for with someone like them or Nashville, Indianapolis, Portland and Las Vegas?  Wild card considerations like Havana or Puerto Rico could be in the mix. The French question and population fact still is a charm in Montreal.


A moonshot fits a lot of possibility if we put our domes together.  Moon to earth.
Austin has close competition obviously, that being San Antonio, literally and figuratively.  Austin has the edge with money.  San Antone with population.

It would just be wonderful if the Rays or A's moved to fill in some of those above voids.

Sorry, but this lecture is going to a take a turn for hockey.
The next Texas might be hockey.  It would be great if the Las Vegas thing weren't right now, because the addition of two rightfully Canadian teams in inevitable, and there are plenty of vacancies from Portland, Seattle, and Indianapolis to the likes of east Virginia's Hampton Roads area.  Central hockey could be argued, especially aesthetically for the Dakotas and Omaha or Lincoln in Nebraska, much like ambiance could carry hockey in Canada over solid business measures.  And somewhat in that sense, and as a balance to most markets outside of New York (and sports outside of MLS) being over-saturated as it is, I would argue for the NHL to definitely be in Austin over Houston.  Houstonians could just drive there.  And I'd urge for a Texas-named and themed team.  The Texas Stars play in Austin as a minor league affiliate of the Dallas Stars.  Good name and smart thinkin'.

As I have blabbed about before with San Marcos being an in between for a weekly trek of national football or major league football (NFL, MLS) between the cities of Austin and San Antonio, that might not be the best location for baseball.  And with the existence of a Texas named team, there would be the pesky issue of figuring the namebrand.  Central Texas Tornadoes?  The Rangers spending more time in central Texas, San Antonio and/or it's capitol could work.  That would free up justification for Dallas having a National League team in the future:

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