Sunday, March 20, 2016

Florida has 3 NFL Teams....But Not Texas. Huh.

Give it a thought:  If you were surveyed as naming the top 5 things you think about when you hear these two states.  Let me give you mine.

Florida:  Beaches, Breezes, Humidity, Alligators and Spring Training.  From my youth, and time, Florida certainly evokes the baseball more than Arizona.

Texas:  Cowboy hats, firearms, ranchers, the Alamo and football.

The last expansions brought the NFL back to Texas, so that Texas has one less team than the state of Florida.

But of course I don't forget the long line: like OKC, Louisville, Toronto or even Las Vegas and Portland.
It'll just be nice when the Jaguars leave.  Blah blah to SEC country.  And now that it's back in LA, almost all is well.

A high school football stadium in Texas.

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