Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Texas Rangers MLB Camp possibilty and another Dallas team

It's all in the name Texas Rangers, turf-wise anyway.  Sizable cities such as El Paso, San Antonio and Austin (in Central Texas being relatively close to each other) are cities without much big ball representation.  While they do have minor league clubs, Houston and Dallas enjoy their locks on the markets for the big time in Tejas.

Both the Rangers and Cowboys flirt with San Antonio with some appearances.  And without any knowledge of it, I'm sure the Houston Texans brand takes effort to physically market its claim as well.  If more regular season MLB stuff happened in the likes of Austin, San Marcos or San Antone, I've argued Dallas could have a D-town named National League counterpart to the Rangers, someday. 

Ft. Bliss and El Paso make for a good location to touch down on every now and again.  It could be a draw for some New Mexicans, military personnel and Texans alike.  Corpus Christi has a navy base with over 40,000 people.  Wouldn't it be nifty for some kind of Texas Americans jersey on the bases from time to time?

MLB is playing a game at a newly built stadium in North Carolina at the big military base.  Ft. Hood is the other big base in America.  That would be a good army place to play in Texas, and it's not 100 miles north of the Texas capital.

Texas Rangers Team America jerseys and maybe another team for America's largest metro area without two MLB teams (just shy of Boston and before Philly in that notion) could be a neat thought.  And with all of that, central Texas and the western part of the state, all the most populated places without much representation, can receive some love.  Of course this is nothing to say of spreading to other parts first, like Oklahoma City and Charlotte.  Whatta' ya' think?

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