Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Hometown Mindset as a Sports Brand

Okay, say the Chicago Bears wear a Cubs or White Sox jersey one day.  Or the Bulls wearing a Bears or a Cubs wearing a Bears, or the Bulls doing a Blackhawks, or a Fire wearing the Sox and on and on.  It's more than something like Bulls nation at that point.  It's Chicago Nation.

How badass is a Celtics baseball jersey near the Green Monster for a day?
Reds wearing a Bengals?  Whoa, how Zubaz is that?

Laker Dodgers
Charger Padres
Mariner Seahawks, Knick Mets, Indian Cavs, Pirate Penguins, Philly 76ers, Giant Niners....

Google "mlb team nhl hockey jersey".  Below, see the NHL's Blue's Cardinals Jersey.  And my ECHL affiliate Cincinnati Cyclones wearing their Reds jersey.

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