Saturday, March 5, 2016

Does the Existence of Predators make Atlanta good for Next Go-Around in NHL?

I believe it does make for a geographic rivalry indeed.
But this is how I would do it:  the Southlakes Panthers for one year.  And the next year, I'd re-designate them as the Southlakes Fishermen.  And the Florida Panthers would be no more.  It would be a tag-team for Miami and Atlanta.  I have blog blabbed about it before:

Atlanta.  The Thrashers played here.

Would it be good for Portland to land a team at the same time as Seattle?  I'm for combo team for them too.  Separations can always come forward in the future.  But a West Coast, Gray Coast or North Coast brand sounds neat, does it not?

Wouldn't Southlakes Fisherman apparel transcend hockey in the south?

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