Tuesday, March 1, 2016

International MLB Expansion: Big City Triangle and a Bigger East to West Stretch

I'm almost done talking about baseball bouncing from greater Florida Marlin Grapefruit for-Snowbirds Country (Rays or Yankees area of Tampa) and the other Bay.  Regional Sports Networks (which should want to broaden to at least Sacramento or Portland from the San Fran A's area since the baseball teams are merely about 20 miles apart) are probably going to keep the anchors in both Bays, including the big television market of Tampa.  So let me just go with an international expansion instead of hoping for some relocation.

When expansion comes bring it back to more of Canada.  Get Las Vegas over with.  And add Mexico and Puerto Rico to the mix, all as the same team.  How does a Monterrey and Mexico City part-time deal with 2 other cities in the American territory sound?  Wink wink, Las Vegas and Puerto Rico.

Whether some 200 or over 350 miles would separate the largest cities in the northeast if Montreal would come back to MLB, there's your big city triangle with Beantown and NYC.  Baltimore and D.C. are less than 200 miles from NYC and of course Philly is a shorter distance than that.  But I was going for something that wasn't a trapezoid.  The Mets or Yanks can be whichever point you want.  But we know the Expos will be playing in the National League.  And against the Nationals.  Yeah.  Sacrebleu. 

Maybe a little off the rails and a little artsy:  think about a Las Vegas team that splits time with Mexico and even Puerto Rico.  Before, I have thought about the "International Expos" with Montreal.  But what about Aviones y Vegas (translated: Airplanes and  Meadows (for which Vegas had and was named for by Spanish peoples))?  "Airplanes and Vegas" is Aviones y Vegas.  Sites from the west coast to the east coast would justify placement in whatever division needs a fit.

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