Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Minor League All-Stars versus Major League Teams. Troop Weeks.

MLB's building of a ballpark on Fort Bragg Military Installation naturally got me thinking about what other bases could use something like that.  And, how could it be mutually beneficial to have more such ballparks on other bases with MLB footing the bill?

My suggestion is for the first year do two weeks of these games with the minor league all-star taking on four MLB clubs, and from the second year on do 3 weeks, where an All-Star ensemble comprised of MiLB players are slated to take on Big League ball teams.  Think about how the casts of guys can show out against their parent level clubs.  It could be a great barometer (for inflation) as to whether MLB is ready for expansion based on talent.  And these games could be played at these 12,500 seat new military ballparks that could be built.  It can energize Americans for all levels of pro baseball.  It could be called:  Battle for the Big Time or Battle of the Big Leagues.  And wouldn't it be nifty for the minor league team to be called the Recruits or Troops.  Nifty showcase.

There are plenty of big bases.  Let me list some of the love.
It's in North Carolina now.
Go for the Tennessee-Kentucky border in Fort Campbell, Kentucky.  Kick off that week with a 6,000-seater at Fort Knox.

Near Austin and not far from San Antonio is Fort Hood, Texas.

The troops of JBLM near Seattle could just attend such a game at the House of the Mariners.  Fort Benning is next in line as far as population.

I know, in the future we can consider some other services like the Navy. 

I'm not sexist.  There are women that can whoop my ass.
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