Monday, March 28, 2016

Should Spring Training be more than just in Diamondbacks and Marlins Country? Maps of Spring Trng

OLD MAP.  When the Reds were in Florida, before Arizona.  Note, when my Reds were there, 20 teams.

Did you know that the first spring training site was Hot Springs, Arkansas?
Some places after that were Tulsa, OK and New Orleans.
And training for awhile was north of the Ohio River to conserve resources for the war effort (WWII).

For now, 15 teams each are in Arizona and Florida and it's good for their economies.

Logistically and business-wise, the relatively close proximity of the teams to each other makes sense as it is.  But I still can't help but think about stretching out a bit to the likes of New Mexico and New Orleans.  Both places have Triple-A ballyards.  Perhaps these sites could host games between the best four records of Spring Training for the Goodtime Game.

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