Monday, August 17, 2015

City Combo'Nations for some Sports Tag-Travel Team thoughts

Megalopolises.  Thanks Wikipedia.
The theme of my blog is largely about having a team for two or more cities.  Think Yankees or Mets playing in Buffalo for half their games.  That would truly expand Mets or Yankee Nation in a more concrete way.  Not an example I would want to see, but you get my point.  Can you think of any existing or (new) expansion teams in this regard?

Wikipedia U.S. Metroplex info:
In the United States, the term "Metroplex" most often refers to the Dallas–Fort Worth area. Other metropolitan areas in the U.S. that may locally be called a "metroplex" are:
A team in the likes of Boise at the same time as SLC?  OKC and Omaha?

Let's look at some West, Central and East justifications.

Boise - Salt Lake City area combo is over 3 million people.  What could be their Western moniker justification in name be?

Okalahoma City - Omaha (Lincoln) is well over 2, approaching 3 million people.

Nashville - Charlotte is approaching 4.5 million people.  The Southland brand would include a ton more.

And, looking at it, the sports with the most amount of games (aka, not weekly like the footballs) seem most agreeable for a share.  That being MLB, NHL and NBA.

The West Coasters?  Would that make a team name for something NBA or NHL for SLC, Boise and Vegas?
Southland?  Midland?  Is that what we could name some of these teams.

Here are some of my favorites:
          Without Expanding
The West Coast Athletics (Oakland (or Sacramento) with Portland and Las Vegas
The Tampa Bay-Monterrey Rays: Yep, Mexico

Another West, Central and East sound justification.
California Angels playing somewhere in northern Cali (like Sacramento or a vacant Oakland for part-time)
Caring is sharing.  Tag team in your mind.
Texas Rangers in central Texas
Florida Marlins again (Rays leave, Marlins play there sometime.
          Maybe getting rid of the Rays and resurrecting the Expos, this time as the East Coast Expos also playing in Charlotte.

            It's Without Expanding
West Coast Clippers (maybe San Diego and Seattle).  Think Hawaii and Alaska exhibition.

West Coast Raiders in Las Vegas.  (And Los Angeles again for that and/or the Rams)  West Coast Rams in Portland, too?  Screw Saint Lou.
Emily.  Blurred Lines
I would like for the Jaguars to see the likes of Louisville, Little Rock and Alabama.
Kentucky Downs sounds lofty.

West Coast Coyote brand change that includes Portland and Seattle.  Maybe Vegas.
Love the Lightning.  Crash the Panthers.  Bring them up north for the Great Lakes brand I talk about, anchoring the fleet in Milwaukee and Cleveland.
Wouldn't it be neat for the Predators to co-locate in Atlanta and become the Southlakes Fishermen?

For MLS, there are plenty of places with the league growth.  New ground from West to East like Las Vegas, Austin and Louisville would be great for their expansion.   I wish LAFC (old Chivas) became a West Coast brand and something to the effect of name-change like D.C. Baltimore United.

I would like an east coast expansion to include the East Coast Whalers of Hartford and Hampton Roads.  A Midlakes team looking at the likes of the Dakotas, Omaha/Lincoln and Austin is a nifty thought.

All of this has been mentioned previously in my blog posts.

So here is a small recap of some of the new geography powerbrand names:  Southlakes, Midlakes, Great Lakes, West Coast, Southland, East Coast and Midland.  Do you like any of these?

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