Saturday, June 6, 2015

Name for a New Canadian NFL Team. And NBA and MLB

The voids of Vancouver and Montreal shadowed by Toronto could be overcome with the theme prevalent in my blog.  A Travel-Tag-Team.  A simple example of this would be the Texas Rangers playing in Austin and Arlington and the California Angels playing in Sacramento in addition to the saturation of southern California Los Angeles Anaheim.  If only the Florida Marlins could come to be again, Miami sharing with Tampa 'round Yankee turf.

So why not such a brand in Canada.  The NFL could be in Toronto.  And CFL and Buffalo, don't fret.  They could be an All-Canada brand and play in the east (Montreal) and west (Vancouver), hitting all of the CFL stadiums from one home (camp) week to another.  The TV ratings in Canada could amount to vast amounts of money.

Another MLB and NBA team could float from Vancouver to Montreal.  And as far as league/division/conference alignment is concerned, the team could be placed as an average (being Central) or an east or west division team alignment, freeing up the ease with which other expansion is considered.

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Staying away from something nationalistic like America name this or Team Mexico or Canada, I like more of a subtle connotation.  Think Canada.  French.  English.  Mounties (aka, "the Force"), ...I like "Norde Force".  I also like the brand name of "North Country".  North Lakes.  Northland.

Lumberjacks, Leafs, Grizzlies,
What about the Canadian Shield?

Even for hockey and soccer, I think North Coast would be cool.  Markets like Saskatoon, Quebec City and Newfoundland would love a stake in a team, even if it isn't wholesale their's.
What about the Canadian Coastals for a baseball brand housed in Vancouver and Montreal?

I have talked about this more in my blog:

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