Saturday, August 29, 2015

Celtic Country Tour, Laker Nation Tour. An Exercise for a Bigger Brand. A New NBA Expansion

A theme throughout my blog is co-locating a big league team.  At first, my thoughts are with struggling franchises.  To name a few in the big five:  the Raiders, Athletics, Rams, Rays, Coyotes, Florida Panthers

Instead of putting a team in a few places like the West Coast A's in Oakland (or Sacramento) and Las Vegas, one could simply put the Rams in LA calling them the West Coast Rams and maybe even do pre-season in Portland.  Anyways, there are a few ways to dice it, like putting the West Coast Clippers in Seattle also. 

Boston and LA aren't struggling in the basketball seat or television department, but if they ever did a consistent place-of-play expansion to one extent or another, imagine the apparel sales for a Celtic or Laker nation jerseys and caps.

 Look at some of these towns:

Celtic Country
Cincinnati, Omaha, Tulsa, KC and St. Louis, Pittsburgh


Laker Nation
Las Vegas
El Paso
Mobile, Alabama

Whatcha' think?

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