Monday, August 10, 2015

Big League Sports. Bringing Austin, Las Vegas and Louisville into the Fold

This is a small rambling about bringing some cities without...into the mix.

I'm thinking hockey or soccer for the Sin City and Austin area and the NBA for Louisville.
Or maybe soccer for Louisville too.  Kentucky Downs has a ring to it for NFL love.  But right now, apparently L-town has to be Bengals country.

It's looking more and more like hockey is going to bring Las Vegas into the bigger show on the regular.
But as far as ambiance, I see Louisville for the NBA and Austin for the NHL.  There is some proximity to Houston for the capital of Texas, but anybody with boots on the ground in Texas knows that Austin is a better fit for ice hockey.  Houston would get extra saturated in the sports market with ice melt; not wet with excitement or nipply from the chill.

Another newbie to consider would be Little Rock.  And obviously SEC country touts football with a passionate exhale.  Not a newbie to the big time thanks to the roundball, OKC would make a great alliterate team of the Oilers reincarnate.

What say you about potential big league newbies?

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