Sunday, August 9, 2015

Texas Country Cavalry. A Team with Two Stadiums. A two-town Texas team

Or more of Texas represented in the like of the world's pastime.

El Paso in west Texas, San Marcos for San Antonio/Austin region-plex (kinda' like metroplex) in central Texas around Hill Country. -Those would be good sites for stadiums.

A Hill Country and West Texas brand of baseball.  What better mobile name than that of Cavalry to compete with the Rangers.  Or is this an MLS franchise, once a month in the middle, once per month in El Paso?
Imagine, ....the Lone Star Ballyards.  Central.  And West.
It would be sweet as sunshine wouldn't it?

Texas Country Cavalry

The Texas Train ?  Or for soccer, Texas Divided or Texas Express

Oh my lord.  Have mercy.

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Southwest Express share with Alburquerque in baseball or soccer with Arizona? Austin with Las Vegas for hockey?  click: Oklahoma Oilers in the NFL

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