Thursday, April 3, 2014

Eastland and Westward Basketball in the NBA

The Eastland Pioneers basketball team is located (from East to West) in Pittsburgh, Cincinnati and Nashville.
Eastland Mountaineers?

I left St. Louis open, maybe able to team up with Louisville or Kansas City for another franchise.

Who am I scheming to bring the big show to?
Northward Unions playing in Boise and Omaha?
Gateway Gamblers play in Vegas and Missouri?
Western Flight?

Or just a Western and Eastern team expansion with 5 camps each.  The dividing line would be Missouri.  KC in the west, St. Louis in the east.

Bringing the big time to Boise and Omaha

As a league dictator, I would turn the Utah Jazz into the West Valley Miners with camp in Albuquerque.

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