Sunday, December 18, 2016

FC Cincinnati. Butler County, build near West Chester. Hamilton County?

Build it and they will come.
Butler County

Sure, along I-75 is ideal, but what about along Ohio SR 129 which is accessed off the interstate?
Build where other business can be built by it.
Cincinnati Suburbia North
Sure, there are plenty of studies that show a weekly or bi-weekly draw let alone MLB games or some such don't correlate with an economic boom near a stadium.  But does that have to be the case with Butler County?  Can something be done that has never been done before?  I believe the Fairfield, West Chester and Mason cluster is likely the soccer capital of the region in terms of growth and development.  Tell me if I'm wrong.  Maybe tear down junk or make room near 75 in Middletown.

What about the Cincinnati Mall site straddling Forest Park?
Hamilton County
It can be a case of Build it and they will come too.
I think this way in regards to most cases with a weekly venue like soccer or football.  I believe an entire Alabama town could be boom stimulated economically if Alabamans were given a Sunday football mecca.  Cinci proper only has so much room due to congestion and terrain.  Is there even any room on the west side?  What about along the river but more west side?  6 miles west from the central business district?

Warren, or even Clermont County,...I suppose it's possible, but something would have to be done to make it that much more feasible.  Cannot there be more hotel/motel rooms on a stadium lot?  What about with a view?  Jungle Jim's Stadium?  Anybody?

I mean,....tell me this.  Is there any team (of the week) in High School football or perhaps a burgeoning youth/HS soccer future fanbase like St. X, Elder, Colerain, Anderson, West Clermont or Middletown that wouldn't trek to a state-of-the-art venue anywhere in the region?  Think Middletown, Mason, West Chester, Fairfield or even Eastgate .....or near CVG Airport in Hebron. 

 Think, the "Cincinnati Internationals" franchise.
Hell, that'd make a good NBA team name

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