Sunday, January 1, 2017

When MLS in Cincinnati, Why not FC Ohio?

And the easy answer is probably Cleveland with this whole ownership thing between a Detroit and the Cleveland Baron pact for purchasing franchise rights for a Michigan Detroit team.

I hope they name that Detroit Arsenal.

But people in the know, know that Browntown and the Nnati are their own states.

Akron is hunkered against Cleveland and the future is going to be Daytonnati for the southwest corner of the Buckeye State.

But here's the deal.  Urban Cinci might not have room for an exclusive Major League Soccer stadium in a downtown location per the wishes of MLS.  I've mentioned before that the Bengals could get a new palace across the river in Kentucky.  And that way, PBS could be transferred to FC Cincinnati.  But yeah, downtown is crowded.  And the hilly geography is limiting around the urban core.

They might have to go higher in the north burbs up the freeway.  And it's not that far to Dayton as it is.  So, why not go there for an Ohioan weekly trek?

I was good with the idea for splitting time in the big houses of Cle and Cin for an Ohio Divided franchise.  I'm also good for staying at the Nip'.  But something in Dayton would be nice. Because, granted, Greater Cincinnati includes parts of Indiana and Kentucky.

click: defunct Fairgrounds in Downtown Dayton 38 acres

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