Saturday, December 3, 2016

Cincinnati. Where is your Soccer Specific Stadium to be?

Let me spitball locations.
But let me say, first off:  environmentally, and ambience-wise, I'd be for keeping a Cincinnati big time team at Nippert.  Isn't it a beautiful Wrigley of college football?

Also, I've thought about the Bengals upgrading by a new stadium elsewhere and FC Cincinnati inheriting PBS.
If the Brown fam wants clubs, retractable domes, and new ventilation, or whatnot to keep up with the Jerry Joneses, well, frigging build a skyscraper up against PBS with an HD scoreboard, a super fan blowing in air, and a bungy chord with cirque du soleil in bikini SWAT team outfit.

But where?
And, yeah, I'm spitballing.

What about keeping it Cincinnati?  The WESTSIDE:

What about right at the customer base (as far as I know it):  The northern SUBURBS.
Namely, West Chester and Mason or Fairfield.  AT THE TOP OF THE KEY.

I've blogged about a multi-locale, or multi-inclusive (in-between site) for a team dreamed up called "Ohio Divided", or "Ohio United", whether it part-time in Cleveland, Cincinnati and/or Toledo, ...or be placed in Dayton, like an NBA franchise for Cincinnati and Columbus (also) to come to as sort of an in-between.

An MLS only venue in between Dayton and Cincinnati could work near Middletown off of the interstate.  Before a company built a site in between Norwood and St. Bernard where the Cincinnati central movie theater was, that would've been a nifty site for anything from MLS, hockey to b-ball.  Where Cincinnati Gardens is/was is nifty too.  And off-hand, anywhere in Dayton near the highways or where O-Hara Arena was would make for a nice weekend mecca for a big time soccer field.  West Dayton is blighted up pretty good.  Any ideas on stimulus in the southwest Ohio region?

An Ohio brand?:  click: defunct Fairgrounds in Downtown Dayton 38 acres
“A new stadium, depending on the size, would require 15-20 acres,” Berding said. “The No. 1 requirement for the MLS is an urban site, but we live in a dense, urban city, historic in many areas, so yes, we literally put a map out to see are there 15-20 acre sites even out there in our city.”
So, where?
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