Thursday, July 2, 2015

Western Railroad NHL Team of Austin and Arizona

I mean, this could be an MLS franchise.  Or if the Coyotes would move for digs like in Las Vegas

First things first though:
Toronto 2 seems like a reality in the not-too-distant future.  And probably before that in the NHL's craw (though faster than every other league besides a birthing MLS) towards expansion, Quebec City, and....and...Las Vegas or Seattle will land a team.  And hopefully Portland.  If Las Vegas at least already had an MLS franchise, we'd probably be chatting about Portland over Sin City.

But let's talk about some more bounds.  Austin is in the same state as Las Vegas.  Well, I mean to say, Las Vegas doesn't have Houston, Dallas, or even San Antonio, which are closer to Austin than LA is to Vegas.  And the state of Nevada is a condition of no teams in the Big Five; just like the city in Texas that doesn't.

Northern places like Cinci or Indianapolis don't have a team, but what about the likes of OKC or Austin?  Or Salt Lake City.  Yeah!  An SLC-Austin tag travel team.  Places like that and Vegas may roll ice tumbleweeds but I like a team with combo cities, especially in what might be questionable markets.  The Kansas City-Omaha Kings of an NBA ago did it.  And I'm sorry, but Las Vegas compared with Portland and Seattle for hockey is suspect.  Hockey likes to be known for balls, even if they're really with pucks.  And with Austin compared to Houston, Austin wins out aesthetically if you ask me and many others for hockeytown.

Would a Western Railroad or Cattlemen/Cattle Drive brand in, let's say the NBA or NHL (or even MLS) work with an Austin-Vegas tag team?

Ooohh.  The Double-A (All-American (Austin to Arizona) Highway.  Highwaymen.  Sounds nifty.

Got any thoughts or brand ideas for combos?
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