Saturday, July 11, 2015

Guadalajara, Mexico City, Monterrey and More. A Future in Big Five Sports for North America

Looking at the Top 20 on the list of North American metro area populations, you can glance these international cities.

450 and 280 miles separate Monterrey and Guadalajara from Mexico City, respectively.  Guatemala City has around 4 million inhabitants and is 630 miles from the biggest city in Mexico and the continent.  Guatemala's population hub is over 1600 miles from Houston.
That screams logistics.  It's 2800 miles from LA to NYC.

Montreal barely misses the top 20 cut for people.

Could you imagine a team called the Fleet or Armada?  It could be a combination of any number of these cites in a few sports.  Think of a combined baseball club including Puerto Rico or Cuba with some of the mentioned cities.  Would such an essentially representative Latino travel club do well?  I imagine the television market that could include players playing for them like Felix Hernandez or Mike Trout along with some native -borns, would be a passionate follow for these lands, as it is for mercenaries of every big league market.  It could be a robust collaboration.

Poverty and logistical concerns have kept North American expansion at bay.  Passion also has, as can be argued with the likes of Vancouver and Montreal, not to say of Atlanta with hockey and Cincinnati with basketball going back a number of years and decades.

Will the international Latino masses be recognized by MLS and MLB soon?  MLS seems to be in a position more apt for risks.  Stadiums are in place all over.  Or will the likes of Portland and Charlotte be given a nod first by MLB?  I've talked about it in my blog before about a franchise part-timing it in Monterrey, since logistically it's closer to the likes of butt-hurt seats like Tampa.

Can you think of any interesting city combinations teaming up as a powerbrand in any of the Big Five sports?

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