Sunday, July 5, 2015

Look at the Hockey Possibilities. Coyotes Should Drop the thoughts of an Arizona, Phoenix or Glendale Name

For goodness sake, the Coyotes really truly don't have a home.  As drumbeat to death in my blog, I have many solutions for the existing franchise, one of which is Portland.  From a marketing standpoint, Portlandia seems practically ignored by a little sister of sin.

Arizona seemingly wants it's NHL team to vacate.  Would it be better off in Vegas?  For now I say yes.  If they re-brand a little with the move to Sin City, it can maintain as well as widen it's fan base.  Call them the West Coast Coyotes.  And they could reach the stretches of Seattle and Portland in a place of play expansion and/or a brand expansion, if only in name and exhibitions.

So yeah, which cities are more deserving in the west?  Seattle, Portland and Salt Lake City of course.  It could travel tag team between all of the mentioned cities, including Glendale, under the West Coast brand.

What do you think?

I have plenty of blogs talking about which cities should be the East Coast Whalers and how Cleveland/Milwaukee should be a shared team claiming the Great Lakes.

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  1. From the beginning of the blog till now, it seems Oakland, Tampa, St. Louis and now Arizona are on my poop list.