Monday, June 8, 2015

Coastal Kings Baseball Team for Charlotte and Portland. A Two-Place Team in the MLB. Like Las Vegas

And I'm all for the disbandment of Tampa Bay Rays baseball in favor of this.  They could suck it up and share the Florida Marlins when they're busy not watching Yankees games.

So, if a brand of baseball were shared between Charlotte and Portland, I like the sound of the "Coastal King Coasters".  They could even camp some regular season games in the likes of Sacramento; Monterrey, Mexico; Atlantic City, St. Petersburg, Jacksonville and New Orleans.

I see Travel-Tag Teams as a future in expansion for the likes of MLB, NBA and the NHL.  Doubts about markets like Las Vegas could be lessened when there are more camps at stake.

For markets like Portland and Charlotte for as far as Major League Baseball is concerned, you're the closest on the cusp but not even on the cusp.  Ditto for New Orleans and Nashville.  The reincarnation of the Expos could be better served as the East Coast Expos or International Expos of Charlotte and Montreal Flights.  Las Vegas-Montreal Internationals playing in Nevada and the Montreal-Las Vegas International Expos playing some days in Quebec has a bit of a ring to it, don't you think?

It could be a Coastal Kings with Las Vegas in there.  I've talked about a desire for the West Coast Athletics in Portland and Las Vegas to give the Giants some breathing room and the A's a ton more money along with a few ballparks.

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