Friday, August 1, 2014

100 Years from Now. 200? More people. The Pro Sports looking more like an NCAA Bracket

Will there be way way more than 30 teams in 200 years?  Closer to 60 teams in the year 2114?
Some questions might be obvious, but they have to be asked.  In thinking, how far is too forward?

Notwithstanding some modern conscious environmentally eco-friendly attitude adjustment to breeding and population growth, if mating couples just have two offspring to replace the furthering of their humanity on earth someone can still do the math.  More teams and players with that thing about talent quality not diluting the competitive excellence.  But when more teams are ready to be out to market, think of some of these family names.  WILL WE BECOME CITY-STATE LINEAGE FAMILIES IN AMERICA  ??????

The Yankees demonstrate this in the early part of the millennium as many families birth from that population port hub of the best coast.  People in Tampa, some born in Florida, are Yankees fans because most of their family is from NYC.
And as expansion occurs over the decades, professional teams could be cross-town rivalries:
Long Island

What of more geographical expanses?
Inland Empire
Northern California.  For instance, an existing franchise of Sacramento could just change there name to the North California Kings.  Will the Dakotas and Wyoming and Montana populate enough to hub a major team?

There will be gaps officially filled in with MLB.  Indianapolis between Chicago and Cincinnati.  Columbus between there and Cleveland.  Nashville between there and Atlanta.  Las Vegas finally.  The population boom of Boise.  Albuquerque, SLC ...... You get the picture. 

In a hundred years, "for a long time, now" there has been the MLB and more in towns like these:
The population of New Orleans became robust enough to break off and have it's own baseball team, instead of sharing the Rays of Tampa too.  Those Coastal Run Rays.  Nashville might be rocking it too.

Travel Camp Teams could quest the cities of mediocre buzz all across middle America:
Call the surname of these geographical expanses this:
Southern for a team playing in Mobile and Jackson, Miss.
Western for Butte and Casper.

Will there be teams housed in Puerto Rico, Berlin, London, Paris, Manilla, Tokyo, Sydney and Rio de Janeiro?

It's funny how I'm willing to practically gut or share the guts of Oakland of all of their pro sports teams accept Golden State but point to the future of sports with one of their business chief's writings:

Dubai or any cosmopolitan Middle East, given the sluggish improvement in all facets of culture compared to the rest of the world, has a long goddamned way to go in my mind.

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