Saturday, August 16, 2014

Travel Teams and Travel Facilities: East Coast vs. West Coast vs. Great Lakes vs. the Gulf vs the Rivers

Portable stadiums.  Travel teams are portable but what about facilities.

This cruiseliner concept pic was posted in my very first post.
Wouldn't it be cool if you could get the NBA and were living in Atlantic City, Newport News, Charleston or Jacksonville.  Or even Louisville, St. Louis, Cincinnati and Pittsburgh.   ....and your city wasn't hip to paying for a new facility, so a travel team AND FACILITY rolled into town.  Casino arena?

The Ohio River Rollers v. the East Coast Fleet.  Or the Mississippi River Pelicans or Grizzlies v. the Pacific Coast Blockade (who have an arena in Vegas and a ship that cruises and/or docks from San Diego to Seattle to Anchorage and Honolulu.  On the ocean the other sports could be done.  That's one big arse retractable dome stadium.  But as more land-use is of a necessitated consideration ... .

For a team, do you even care to share?  If you were in Buffalo, I know you'd love to build a stadium to share the Yankees.  But what about sharing a new NBA team with Pittsburgh called Eastland Somethingorothers?

What are other connections between towns?  Proximity (region).  Railroads. Rivers.  Coast. Highways.  Scheme something up.  Portland-Seattle (Northwest) and Cleveland-Milwaukee (Great Lakes) for the NHL?  Stuff like that.  Or am I crazy?

See more expansion and relocation talk for football, baseball, basketball, hockey and soccer on my blog (starting in Feb 2014, see table of contents/archive):  Major League/Pro Expansion <CLICK>  The first post lays out some of the concept.
And please feel free to contribute your two cents with mine.

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