Sunday, August 10, 2014

Sacramento: Visiting the Possibility of more Pro Sports in the Capitol of California.

Not a hundred miles away from Golden Gate of the Golden State competition, the Kings of California play.
Football and baseball are missing from the big 3 at this place.  They only tout the NBA.  Just like Portland.
A Northern California or California moniker could easily be claimed by this capitol of California.  

Notwithstanding New York, New Jersey and Connecticut capability to cram more pro team competitiveness in close proximity to each other on the megalopolis of the eastern seaboard.     .... Another coast has a claim to be a vacuum for more pro team capacity.  It is Sacramento.

It is basically 80 miles away from the Bay Area of San Fran, Oakland and San Jose professional ilk.  The California A's might be better served in Dusty Baker's hometown.  I would plainly like to see the California Angels split time with Southern Cali's saturated LA-Anaheim.

Of course, Sac Town would like the Raiders and A's a bump north to join the land of the basketball King fandom.  Why not the California Raiders at least?  Given the money for maintaining baseball, the NFL almost always makes more sense.  The greater Sacramento area population is pretty much the same as the Queen City "of the west", Cincinnati.  My hometown.  So, I can see more in store for Sacramento charm.

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