Sunday, August 3, 2014

It is time for most of Pro Sports to vacate Oakland and Tampa

And yes, if I was from there I would hate me too.

Obviously, there is no sports dictator and I'm not it.  But, if I was my thoughts are this:

There is some West Coast real estate hankering for a team.  For MLB and NFL, it's Portland.  They could take both Oakland teams.

And yes, I'm from Cinci so you would talk about the Bengals leaving.  How they were second in blackouts behind the Bucs.  I'd prefer the Jaguires to vacate before the Bucs.  But the Rays existence in Tampa seems retarded so it sucks in my attention.  It draws my attention more than Rays fans to seats.  With some argument from some, maybe those from the likes of Louisville, the eastern continent isn't begging for attention from the NFL.  Toronto kind of has Buffalo.  I might even leave you alone Tampa.  But why can't you pirate the river from time to time and be in Louisville as a Southern Buccaneer?  I know, the Saints could do that too.

Back to the other side.
The Raiders should at least be in Los Angeles if not shared with or in Portland, Las Vegas or even the California Raiders of Sacramento (I believe baseball-hoarding L.A. should do this too).  I would agree with you Oakland, if you gripe that the Rams should go back to L.A. or share with Portland.

Hopping back and forth.
I'm not particular on the Lightning.  I could leave them alone.  I'd rather move the Panthers.  Or even the Coyotes.  But, what of Portland and Seattle for tracking on the ice?  And then just the Florida Lightning shared in two ports and Nashville with Atlanta in the south.

My only solution to the heartbreak which would make the heart grow fonder in its loss for the likes of Oakland and Tampa teams alongside places of potential loss like Jacksonville football or Atlanta hockey is this:  Share your team with another camp.  The West Coast Raiders and West Coast Athletics.  The Raiders in Portland, Los Angeles and Las Vegas for the time being,  A little in Oakland (maybe even Sacramento).  The Athletics of Portland and Vegas.  A little still in Oakland or again, a little somethin' somethin' in Sacramento.

Tropicana Field in Florida.  It's the only non-retractable dome in baseball.   And did I say it's in Florida!??!
The Latin influence and its future with baseball has got to be the biggest thing keeping the big leagues in Miami.  It can't possibly be those Gloria Estephan pajamas they wear.  I thought the Florida Marlins moniker was way better.  The Marlins could house a camp in Tampa and Jacksonville.  But anyway!
Tampa, share your Southern Rays with Charlotte.  Maybe a little dance here and again with New Orleans.  Maybe the song of baseball hummed now and again in Nashville.  Tune your game.  Share the love.

How charming is this, Florida?  Romantic?  This dome?  Maybe if she had breast cancer and you love her.

I might get hate mail from Buccaneer fans.  But as far as baseball in Tampa I'd probably only get hate mail if I talked junk about the Yankees.

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