Monday, June 8, 2015

Golden State and New England Brand Turf. Smarter Expansions

I admire this branding move made by the NBA and NFL franchise.  In 1971, both of these teams expanded their geographic monikers.  The basketball one did so when they moved across the bay from San Francisco Warriors to Oakland.  And the other used to be the Boston Patriots.  It's an expansion in name.

Golden State, meaning "California", could play in San Diego.  It's all Cali.  Football, being a less frequently played venue, would still be accurate if they had to camp a few games home in Hartford in addition to Beantown.

And, if you're from Oakland, I apologize ahead of time with regards to you as a fan of Oakland sports in my other blog posts.  Just business, nothing personal.

Decades ago, these teams laid a bigger claim.  Throughout my blog I've thrown around other geographically expanded names, like:
North Coast, Great Lakes, North Shore, West Coast, East Coast, Midlakes, Southlake, Northland, Southland, Eastland, Coastal Run to include more cities in some of the big leagues AS A SHARED TRAVEL-TAG-TEAM like Nashville, Charlotte, Portland, Las Vegas, New Orleans, Monterrey (Mexico) and on and on.

Coast to coast, covering bigger chunks.

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  1. Californialand playing Cleveland in the Championship.