Monday, February 24, 2014

NHL Expansion in Your City? Does Anyone Even Care (in America)? A Great Lakes Team might.

Quebec City

That's what I've seen some buzz around.  I'm not sure any of it included Cleveland, Cincinnati or KC.  Definitely enough hockey in Capitals country already.

Am I just as cozy with my Cyclones as I am with my Bearcats?  I think so.  This sentiment is the same tone I took with my NBA snippet where I asked "who cares?" for the big guys balling in their town.  We can bounce a ball down here easier than getting on ice.

So the top towns are the more obvious of the 3.  Try this fourth in your pipe and whirl it around.
Going along with my theme for Regional Team camps for pro franchises, what do you think of this?:
Laketown Lakers?  Lake City Sailors?  Lakefront Armada?
3 camps:
Milwaukee, Cleveland, Upstate NY (Oswego, Fulton, Saracuse).
Existing rinks.
Maybe add a venue east of Gary and south of Michigan City?  It's Chicagoland right?  Green Bay?

40-game season "at Home".  Divided by 3 is 14 homebase games for each town.  Divided by 4 home camp games is 10 at each rink.  I think there would definitely be some buy-in going on with this scheme.

Great Lake Longboats.  Longshoremen?

Do you think the MLS will catch on faster in your city?
Yeah, and faster than playing hockey?
As a sport and expansion-wise.

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