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NFL Regional Teams to Represent People of the Outlands? For Snips and Wiggles Let's Try It and Other Immediate Calls to Order.

-In the near future, I have the Jaguars relocating to Canada to become the Nord Force (as opposed to calling them the Mounties and to help making the national team name less apt to be divisive for our north side brethren).  The obvious locale choice is Toronto but I would love sports to consider a feasible roaming format in the future to help cover more of the map with regional teams.  Getting the French side of Canada invested into an NFL team, I'd like them playing some games in Ottawa, Quebec City and Montreal.  They can play two home games in each town in their inaugural season.  Vancouver would be an obvious venue as well.  The CFL has stadiums in place and even where current venues don't have the numbers as far as league seating, Canadian television viewership will help shatter that concern.  I guess the Buffalo will survive.

-The Rams move back to Los Angeles.  I'm being revenue realistic.

-The Sur Toros expansion team plays football in Monterrey, Mexico by 2020.

-In Portand, Oregon, let's kick off some more regional expansion with the Western Mustangs for a team that can also play in Boise, SLC, San Antonio, Albuquerque, Vegas and/or Oklahoma City.
Make more people from areas without a team care.  Let more of the nation have a team.
The training camp situations and roaming potential would be economic entities as well.  No doubt, some of these camp cities for regional teams would beg consideration for a fixed spot and eventually receive the NFL's undivided attention as the years go on (ie. OKC and the Pioneers of Portland).
-Need a fourth team, and logistically don't want to deal with the London Continentals just yet?  See below.
Some honorable mentions I've thought about within the next 20 years and beyond:
-Southern Belles:  near the heat of football in Birmingham-Tuscaloosa and the Talladega festival atmosphere, I think a team with brand new housing and economic catalyst to a town called Reform, Al, near the border of Mississippi (and further away from Atlanta that) could help draw in a helluva southern crowd on a Sunday (and Monday vacation days).  A "home" game in Little Rock and Jacksonville couldn't hurt.
Population centers in the future are likely to grow and as the population gets bigger as a whole there is less of a concern of watered down talent/competion for expansion.  It's going to happen but how it unfolds is interesting.  I could fancy a team going between Las Vegas and -SLC becoming the Great Basin Bandits.  Also, the Great River Rafters or Delta Dogs being in Louisville, Memphis and St. Louis.  The Great Plains Drifters or Cattlemen could extend football weekends for folks in OKC, Omaha, Witchita or Iowa.  And maybe even the Dakotas will start to have that Jets/Giants feel with the Vikings and their Great Plains team.
A Southwest San Antonio Albuquerque team with a camp in Austin or El Paso could work against Jerry Jone's feelings.
-And how would the East Coast Colonials feel in Hampton Roads, Atlantic City and/or Jacksonville?

Why don't you give it a try?

Nord Force
Sur Toros
Western Mustangs
Great Plains Cattleman
Great Basin Bandits
Great River Rafters, Delta Dogs or American Valley
Southern Belles
East Coast Colonials
* * * *
Some Locational Consideration?
Inland Empire Horseman of the Death Valley in Riverside, San Bernadino
Vancouver Shield,  Vancouver Rocky Mountain Rangers
The Big East or Beast Brigade infringe on Columbus and WV turf from Ohio and Pitt teams?

-Nord Force  (Ottawa, Toronto, Vancouver... Montreal, Quebec City, Edmonton, Winnipeg) Training camp in France or Norway?
-Sur Toros (Monterrey, Mexico) Practice facility Mexico City?
-Western Mustangs (Portland, Boise .....Albuquerque, San Antonio) Snake River practice facility in WY.  further break into a SW team in the future?
-Great Plains Drifters, Frontiersman, Pioneers, Cattleman? (OKC, Witchita, Omaha, Iowa State facility Practice) could we just call them CENTRAL    Great Basin Bandits, Bison (Las Vegas, SLC)
-Southern Belles (Reform, AL build; (Tuscaloosa), Little Rock) DIXIE
-East Coast Colonials (Hampton Roads, VA; Jacksonville, FL; Atlantic City) COASTAL

I also believe these thoughts of quick-fire mobility to be a good economic downturn contingency plan to have buried in the back of the playbook.

Some of my thoughts:  click here.

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And please feel free to contribute your two cents with mine.

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