Friday, February 21, 2014

Bigger Broader Markets. What are your thoughts on a team named "Southern" or "Western" to draw in more support?

If I was born in Mississippi would I have really even cared about baseball and had baseball heroes as a kid?
I guess my team was supposed to be the Atlanta Braves?  Would I have rooted more for the Southern Braves?  Then would I have drove to Atlanta at least one time as an adult to see "my team"?

The logistics of this marketing thought is surely not easy peasy.
But I'm sure it's more feasible in the NFL.

What about regional teams?
Does Minnesota draw more people by being named Minnesota as opposed to the St. Paul Wild, Minneapolis Twins, or the Twin City Timberwolves or North Vikings?

Could there be a Southern, Eastern, Western, Northern moniker for the team to ever come to a city closer to your town?
I wonder if any of the leagues have ever ran this through the think tank.  New England is certainly a smart moniker.  Look how many people live there.

I know as a Cincinnati kid I wouldn't want my team to change their name to the Ohio Reds.  Even if the Indians packed for Indianapolis.  I do want the Cavs to move to Columbus or Dayton and change their name to the Ohio Barons though.

Would I attend my NFL Southern Bell(e)s game on a Sunday, the day after the Tide rolled, at Tuscaloosa or two weeks later at the venue at Will Clark's alma mater of Mississippi State?

Maybe even toward the twilight of my lifetime the NFL will be in Alabama, but I wonder how.  How and what is the smartest way to market it and bring more people in?  Do I go to that game on Saturday or both of them shindigs?  Hell yeah.  Two day tailgate!!!

If you had to pick one venue for a professional football team called Eastern, Western and so on, where would it be?  Would it be multi-venue in your mind?

Eastern:  Atlantic City (or East Coast Colonials)
Western:  Portland (or West Coast Mustangs)  San Antonio
Northern:  Toronto (or Nord Force, maybe even in Ottawa further from Buffalo)
Southern: Birmingham (or west of Birmingam, like I'll talk about in the future, for a town called Reform, AL.  Think Talladega atmosphere.  Think closer to Mississippi where it'll be easier to buy the "Southern" brand and less of a roll tide v. Ole Miss.)  Southern Belles, Southern Draws (gunmen)
Think economic growth.
I do a breakdown on this Regional Concept as time goes on and (hopefully) markets grow.  I'll talk more later about it.  Multi-venue has taken place in the NBA before when the Cincinnati Royals moved to Kansas City-Omaha and became the Kings that went on to become Sacramento.

What say you?


Typewritered as a kiddo, when the Colorado and Florida territories were deemed MLB places
"Territory extended"


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