Thursday, January 12, 2017

The National Football League is Incestuously Retarded

Couldn't be coined the West Coast Chargers, at least in name, and at least additionally a game or few in Las Vegas or Portland and/or still San Diego.
This logo's name is called dude on dude action.

But they want LA seats each week.  The NFL wants to F*** itself.
Impregnating poop.  Anti-expansion is contraction.  The league essentially contracted in place. 

Soon, the commissioner will sound like a locker room IQ:  "I do what I do when I do what I do, na'mean".

Though absolutely seemingly insane having an absence for two decades with L.A., the league seemed fair in not appearing to be hellbent on forcing it there.

But no Vegas Chargers, no Louisville Chargers.  No Toronto Chargers.  Same story.  Double up.

I guess next it's the Las Vegas Raiders.  Oklahoma Raiders?

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