Tuesday, January 10, 2017

The Home Team and Expanse

Let me drop this word though:  ......Mercenaries.  Mercenaries represent me.  It's like we outsource hometown proud.  Maybe we can think of it as working smarter, not harder.

But anyway,.... the Power of Place.  It's strong.  I should know.  Though I don't live in Cincinnati anymore, I'm from there.  So it'll be Bearcats, Bengals and Reds always.  As far as I'm concerned, it's by birth, not choice.  And since having big league baseball is better than silver, gold and diamonds, I know how lucky I am.  And with diamonds we can think about artificial inflation.

And a big part of this pride I possess is that not everyone has that big league hometown proud.  Sure, a lot of people don't make it to the Boston area to see their beloved Patriots, but they possess their name of New England.  Ergo my expansion themes.  Why can't there be more New Englands, Golden States and Carolinas?  At least from a marketing standpoint if not from multi-nodal ones that I thematically desire in my blog?  With all of the money (television wise as well), why are we pretending there's just one home (or mansion or palace)?  Jetset isn't over power of place?

But is it that strong?  This loyalty of home, 
as if it's mother's house?
Is it so much Boston Red Sox that it can't be New England Red Sox and anywhere other than at the Monster?  For old standing brands, we can understand this affection to be conservative.  But what about newer teams that come into play?  More Golden State wide-embrace names.  Having a new team sharing with Las Vegas.  Call it West Coast and share that football team with the likes of Portland or Oakland.  I've always thought about this hesitation by the likes of MLB to go into half-ready markets like Portland or Charlotte.  But two halves can make a whole.

But wouldn't it be neat to have a New England counterpart in the National League,....like let's say they're called the New England Colonials?

The Boston area is easily in the top ten for population density.  What about a ballpark somewhat south of Foxborough nearer Providence?  I mean, there is always talk in baseball demographic circles about New Jersey squads or even something Brooklyn.   Whatta' ya' think?

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