Friday, July 1, 2016

Homegrown Cincinnatian for every Red team. Ditto Detroit. And Chicago. New York and....

At least having one player from the area on the team.
Even if said player is a token, IT WOULD BE AWESOME.

Easy for me to team is rebuilding.
Something to cheer about no matter what.  No-booing clause.  Get'em next time, guy!

Which team would set this trend?  Make me proud, Cincinnati.  Always have a Cincinnati kid!  It's not a terrible stretch.  Put our dude on the active roster.  Ride the pine, even if only for show on a Sunday?  That's fine.  Louisville isn't far.  Even if he's a doubler-A'er, he can wear three uni's in a week.  Blue Wahoo to Louisville to Cinci, all in a week.

And yes, we'll take Kyle Schwarber off the Cubbies' hands.  Sounds good to me.

Hearts and minds and hometown heroes.  Davids, Goliaths, gladiators, mercenaries and cheers with beer oh's.
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