Friday, January 27, 2017

'Uh Football Mad N. America in the Future ?

Let's for imaginary sake pretend that head trauma and illiteracy stemming trauma will not eliminate American football as we know it.  Hell, flag football might be fun.  Running backs generally bore me anyway.

So, let's say Friday (HS), Saturday (NCAA), and Sunday (NFL).
And I'm going to plead for sanity to reign back in the greed (as NFL is ridding itself of Thursday nights) of the NFL and NCAA, and in this scenario, not for simplicity, but again FOR sanity, I'll say so.

Whatta' ya think?:  Saturday is CFL and NCAA.
I'm not so much concerned for Americans who can record their television to catch some CFL highlights as they root on alma maters live.  I just want the NFL and CFL not to step on each other.

But anyway, imagine some of the CFL teams of the future.
Look at some of those of the past.

What would be some good NFL Canada teams and CFL America teams?

Halifax Nordics
Atlantic Canadians perhaps 
I may have used this one for hockey in referencing a Toronto team 2.  Ontario Gold Horsemen

Oregon Express
New Mexico Railroad
Kentucky Downs
Midland Truckers of Omaha
Salt Lake Fishermen
Great Lakes Shoremen of Milwaukee
Boise Blue Legs
Montana Backbreakers.  Completely kidding.
Oklahoma Oilers
Dakota Diesel
New Jersey Titans
Rhode Island & Connecticut Colonials

Norde Force, mainly housed out of Toronto

                                      Vancouver Voyagers  

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