Friday, January 13, 2017

Ol' San Diego Chargers and St. Louis NFL Stadiums Not Good Enough for MLS ?? Uh, really?

It seems there's a football vacuum.

Of course Los Angeles is ridiculously doubled up.  Double or nothing?  Or is it, "doubled up and nothing" for the likes of Charlotte and Cincinnati.  Nifty expansion plan, MLS.

Sporting KC could use a cross state rival.

So much LA already could use something more than San Josey'.  I suppose by having two squads up north in California with the addition of Sacramento will balance out something already so SoCal without San Diego.

We are a wasteful lot.  Is Major League Soccer being pretentious?   Do they have something of their own complex?  Are they afraid of relocations if American football stadiums turn out not so suitable?

With 10 cities in waiting are they afraid of relocations?????   Really.

Let saint cities like St. Louis and San Diego play in existing, numbers-facilitating structures.  Seats are for butts.  What's the worse that could happen????   60,000 seats get filled???  Don't wuss out of existing opportunities.   Maybe some republics talk about the environments out of one side of their mouth and build baby build out of the other, but think this through.  A different kinda' football vacated these places.  Perhaps you can sell a more literate form of world football with less fuss.

Yes, Cali United in San Diego and Sacramento is my vote.  Sac Repub can round out 2 out of 3 pitches for the month for Capital Cali.

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